• Gut No. 32, Plot No. 3, K-Sector 87, Waluj MIDC, Aurangabad - 431 136, INDIA

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Application Guide forPowder Coating

AUTOMOTIVE PARTS – Wheel Caps & Rim, Mirror Housing, Steering Support, Wiper Housing, Horns, Radiator Grills, Door Handle and Two Wheeler Components. Bus and Lorry Chassis etc.H, PP, PU
ARCHITECTURAL – Aluminium Sections, Fa├žade Elements, Gates, Door/window Frames, Cladding, Fencing etc.H, PP, PU
ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY – Bus Bars, Startors, Rotors, Capacitors, Resistors, Lamp Shades, Switchboard Panels, Electrical Fittings, Welding Transformers Etc.E, H
GENERAL DECORATIVE APPLICATION – Shelves, Bottles for Beverages & Cosmetics, Display Baskets, Cages, Grills-Ornamental, Cable Ducts, Moulded Laggage Components, Brass Wares, Bronze Articles, Households and Industrial Luminaries, Bathroom Fittings, Fire Extinguishers, Partitioning Furnitures, Tools, Toys.E, H
HOUSEHOLD & INDUSTRIAL APPLIANCES – Refrigerator, Washing Machines, Cooking Range, Mixers, Geysers, Sewing Machines, Air Conditioners, Air Coolers, Exhaust Fans, Table & Ceiling Fan, Freezers, Gas Cookers.H, PP, E
MACHINES & EQUIPMENTS – Office Equipments, Furniture, Water Coolers, Computers & Accessories, Lawn Mowers, Agricultural Equipments, Cameras, Air Conditioning Equipments, Heating & Ventilating Equipments, Hospital Equipments, Tractor Cabs.H, PP, PU